Why book a beauty session.


Does this sound like you?


As women, we often put ourselves last. We keep going and going until we reach empty. There is nothing left to give. You are spent. How long have you kept on going without doing anything for you?


Your gas tank is on empty. When this happens, how far can you go? We can’t go anywhere.


Often, we are the glue that is holding our family together. We do the cooking, the cleaning, chauffeuring the kids to their activities, planning activities such as playdates and vacations. Most of the time there is no help. When there is it is heaven. You may even work outside of the home. Your life is super busy. That is just it. If you don’t have any more energy to give you are at a standstill.


You hardly get you time any more.


Your life is beyond your children and your spouse.


You dream of your childhood as it was so carefree and you had no responsibility.


I get it, you need a break!


You deserve it!


And when we do decide to do something we feel guilty. Who has even said this? Why is this a thing? You need to get this out of your head. To release this all you need to do is give yourself permission to do something for you.


Once you do let it go, your life starts to change. Only you can make this change. As when you do something for you, it helps to fill your tank back up. It can really and truly bring you joy.


These photographs will be absolutely stunning!




Be in photographs, love yourself you really and truly deserve it.


Treat yourself.



You deserve to do something for yourself without the guilt. I can’t wait to start creating your beauty shoot!