What to wear


Women for generations and generations have asked this simple question. “What do I wear?” It is common to gather up their closest friends and get their opinions. I get asked all the time, I am here to help you to select the perfect outfits for your session.


Allow me to break it down for you as there are so many options. As it can be overwhelming!


I will ask you to bring clothing that you love! It is important that you feel amazing and confident in what you are wearing during your session. Even if you feel unsure about something, bring it and we can try it on.


Do you have something in your closet that you love but it does not do up any longer? Bring it! I would love to photograph you in it! The amazing part about photos is that I do not have to photograph your back, so no one will ever know.


If you are still not sure what to wear, I have several dresses, tutus, shirts and options available for your session in my studio wardrobe. I can’t wait to show you!


I recommend bringing in jeans and your favourite top, dresses, gowns. Is there a problem area that you do not like? I can shape your body to slim you down. Clothing can help a bit in this process as well. Do you have a shawl that you want to bring? The options really are endless.


I personally love having options and together we go through them

Woman in a red and white flow dress

My goal is for you to feel amazing and confident in who you are! I can’t wait to photograph you in all your incredible outfits! Let’s get together and start to plan your shoot! I can’t wait! You are going to look beyond incredible!