What to expect


When it comes to a photoshoot, there are several unknowns. Each photographer has their own process. Allow me to break mine down for you.


After you email and you are deciding if you would like to book a session with you, I invite you to come into the studio for a consult. I show you a slideshow of past client work. I also discuss the process, much like what I am doing now. Further to this, I show you the products that I offer, wall art, albums and folio boxes.


Before the shoot we talk about clothing. Almost anything does work. I recommend bring lots of different items as you never know what you will end up with. There is the option to use my studio wardrobe. I break it down into three different outfits. I always recommend bringing a gown. Do you have something in your closet that you love, but it no longer fits you? Bring it!


Hair and make up is a very important part of the experience. When you have it professionally done, it is the best feeling. I feel on top of the world. Depending on the client and their hair, I normally do soft curls. When it comes to make up there are several options to select from, as well as colours as I always make sure that it matches what you will be wearing and that you love it.

woman in a blue dress

After the shoot, I will be busy working behind the scenes to edit your photos. Once they are complete, I will be bringing you back into the studio to have a reveal. This is where you select the ones that you love and make the final decisions on what products that you’d like to have. The selection is an album or a folio box. During the consult, I will be showing you all of these options.


Once the products all come in, you will be contacted to come and pick them up. This is one of my most favourite parts, seeing the joy and happiness on my clients faces when they see them.