Have you ever wondered what the psychology is behind a good photograph? I will share with you my knowledge of this.


I scroll through my insta feed and I stop at one of my favourite brands. I let out a sign without realizing it. They got it all. Those photos are the bomb! How do they do that with every photo? – I think to myself. I just do not understand and that must take some serious time and effort.


I get asked all the time what is the psychology behind a good photo. A good photo will sell every single time.


When I create a shoot, I first map it out in my head and write it all down so I do not forget anything – I can be forgetful. I write out the poses that I would like, the clothes that the subject will be wearing, how their hair and make up will look like – pinterest is amazing for this. I do the same if it is a product shoot. I ask myself is there anything extra that I need for this shoot? This of course I do this after learning all the fundamentals of photography.

Girl standing in front of a tree

Close your eyes and think about this for a moment. Imagine your favorite brand, now pull up one of their images in your mind. What do you see? I see consistency, I see a certain style. In the end, I love every one of the photos that they post. But why can’t I achieve the same results.


You can if you have the drive and motivation to do so. When you put the time and effort into this, your ideal client will soon follow as they have fallen in love with your brand, just like the brand you fell for. This occurs as we love pretty things. We long for them.


In the near future this too can be you – Now image looking at your own insta feed and having all the feels. You have the most gorgeous feed! You simply can’t believe that you took these amazing photographs. You are beyond ecstatic with yourself and the results. You really did it and you think to yourself how amazing you are!