Learning how to take the stress out of taking photos of your children can be a hard task. It can be done. BUT you have to be prepared.


Do you feel prepared?


I did not think so. That is perfectly okay and it is normal. Do you find yourself saying this when you want to photograph your child? I am never ready. Allow me to give you some basics so that you will not be caught with your pants down – so to speak.


I do not want you to miss another moment again.


The most important question you can prepare is which camera you will use. Ask yourself what is that camera that you can visualize you grabbing in that moment you want to take a photograph. I always say the best is the one you already have. A great option is your camera phone or the camera that you take vacation photos with.


Now that you have figured out which camera you want to use, you need to make sure that it is available (when these special moments that you wish to capture) to you! Next and just as important you want to know a little basic knowledge of your setting. For instance, and most importantly the focus button. You can fix many things in post editing (if that is what you want to do after you take the photograph, but you do not need to) but you can’t fix a blurry photograph.


You can either toggle (this means to move your camera focus points around with your thumb on a button (on the camera) or if you are using a phone tap the screen where you wish to have the focus point. If you do not know what either of these are I suggest looking it up on google or your owner’s manual. This is a manual I highly recommend that you read. You will learn so much.


Once you know these basics you are ready to start taking the photos that you have been longing to take.


Once you feel that you are prepared to capture those precious moments, you will feel better and in turn be able to take better photographs too. That in my mind is a win win!

girl wearing a headband outdoors

Happy shooting