Do you talk to yourself? Oh I know you do. Don’t look at the screen like I am some crazy woman! It is the truth! It can be out loud, or to yourself. We all do it. I will not tell anyone. But what I am talking about today is negative self talk.


Do you catch yourself saying negative thoughts about yourself? How you do this is important. It shows you how you think of yourself.



The best way to break down negative self talk is to discuss Shaming and guilting. These are powerful words that I have learned from Brene Brown. She has spent many years researching this and well she is truly brilliant. Shaming is saying to yourself why did I do that? I am so stupid. Guilting is and I will use the same context is when there is no negative self talk like calling yourself stupid. This would have been a better way to talk to myself. She dives in deep and really does a wonderful job at discussing it further. Shaming is pasted down from generation to generation. We need to be in control of our own thoughts and reverse this negative self talk with something positive. Think back during the day. What was your best achievement? Okay you may have to go back a week, or even a month. My point is we all have something that we do well at. Sometimes we need to find those and celebrate them. It is important to do this and it makes us feel good! We all deserve some self love every now and again.


Opening yourself up to be empowered is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It invites love to manifest more into your life whole heartedly and it is empowering.