Most of us know what self-care is, but how many of us really practice it? Be honest.

Do you tend to ignore doing things for yourself? Or do you practice? We need to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. If we are running on empty, what we offer others is not as valuable if you are well rested. What we offer others is someone who could be angry all the time.

Learn to schedule this into your daily routine, this way you will not forget and it also makes it a priority.

Here is a list of a few self-care items that I put together for you to have handy when you run out of ideas, or motivate you to start taking better care of yourself.

Whichever the case that is not important. As long as you are do something for you.


1. Go for a drive

2. Read a book

3. Get away for the weekend

4. Get a massage

5. Buy yourself a treat

6. Clean a room

7. Bake for fun

8. Watch the sunset or sunrise

9. Read a magazine

10. Sleep in

11. Make yourself a fancy drink

12. Say no to someone

13. Watch a movie

14. Take a nap

15. Colour

16. Watch a show on TV

17. Order dinner in

18. Watch a movie

19. Take a bath

20. Get a manicure

21. Get a pedicure

22. Take a walk

23. Buy yourself flowers

24. Dance

25. Yoga

26. Sing in the shower

27. Go swimming

28. Wear your favourite outfit

29. Learn something new

30. Say no to someone

Which ones will you do? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Remember, now is the time to take care of you is important. It is not only vital to you but your loved ones as well.