What is meditation?

It is sitting in a quiet space with a clear mind. It is best to sit down on the floor criss-cross applesauce. Close your eyes and relax. I suggest setting a timer in the beginning. Start for one minute and work your way up to five. In essence, you can do this any way that best works for you. Some find it useful to purchase a meditation cushion, others like sitting on the floor. Anything will work. Do this several times throughout your day. I have reminders set on my phone, or I too would forget.


Having a clear mind takes time, practice and patience before this will happens. When this occurs we invite living in peace and far away from our worries! Inner peace is the end goal. Getting there is a journey with yourself. How well you do depends largely on you.


When practising, it allows the individual to clear their mind and be open to possibilities in their life. It helps in balancing our lives. There are several benefits to meditation. You are not going to see results right away. You need to stick with it before you will have benefits such as, improving your focus in your daily life, your mental health and overall physical well being. As well, it will increase your inner peace, less stress, worry and anxiety. You will also see improvements in your anger, being irritable and being frustrated. Throughout your journey you will see an increase in your confidence and self esteem and have an increased positive outlook on life and healthier, happier relationships.

Really who doesn’t want all of the above? I highly suggest trying it, what do you have to loose? I would love to hear back on your progress. Drop us a line and let us know.