You don’t need to spend big money for items that you think will help produce a better photo.


OMG!!! This looks amazing! ::as I drool over my latest obsession:: (that I think that I need) I need this! It will help bring my photos from drab to fab. Seriously they will be next level. I am certain that it will. All I need to do is find a way. I NEED THIS in my life NOW!


If only I could afford it. I can put it on my credit card… Wow! Look at this. It really is incredible. ::you start to take photos with the said item:: why is it not working. I thought if I purchased all the things that it would get easier. Now this is useless and I can’t do a thing with it. I just wasted all that money on something that I thought I needed, but did not. It is too late to even return it.


Now what am I going to do?!


We all have these moments of the bright shiny object syndrome. We think we need something, but really, we do not.


I often think when I have money sitting in my bank account that oh I can get a new lens.

Many people think that you need all this fancy gear for taking photos. Here is the BIG secret you don’t. Allow me to explain!

I now ask myself prior to purchasing new items for my business, will it make my ship go faster? If the answer is no than I do not purchase it. It has helped me save so much money! Nine times out of ten, I do not need this item. Can I hold off in buying this for today, how about tomorrow or even the day after that?


.Learn to take better photographs


Try it, honest it really and truly works well for me.