As a parent, we all know how quickly kids grow. One moment you are rocking them in your arms, the next we are sending them away to college. Seriously, how does that even happen?


We all agree that our children grow way too quickly.


If you do not you will miss all these cute things that your child is doing. Your child just lost both of her front teeth. Oh, my goodness, does she ever look so sweet. She says “Mommy, come look at me”. You think to yourself “Oh my goodness she looks super sweet”. It is time to dust off that camera and capture her in all of her toothless glory.


Crap, where did I put that darn thing? You look and high and low. You have spent so much time looking for it that you missed that golden opportunity to capture her. I hope she does it again so I can capture it. You fall into the couch in a state of anger and frustration that you missed it.


You need to capture them so that you can remember all the little things that you love. This way those memories will not be lost forever. There is just one thing holding you back from this goal. You do not know how to use your camera to take a good photo.


I can help you.


It is easier than you think. I am here to help you take that stress away. I will show you how to capture your girl just as she is right now.

girl holding her hands at her heart

Can’t you just see it. She is doing the cutest little thing. You reach for your camera and capture it with ease. It can this easy. I think I will print this one out and put this one on my fridge. Ooooh I am going to send this one to grandma and grandpa. They will just love it!