There are so many different ways to find and reach your ideal client avatar. Have you found them yet?


Now that you have figured out who your ideal client avatar is from the last blog post, this step is a little easier. Take a look and see where your ideal client is hanging out. There are newsletters, blogging, vlogging, videos, Instagram, facebook. What are their favorite brands? Restaurants? Places they hang out? I would go as far as to join those brands mailing lists to learn more and see how they are talking to their ideal client. These are the small details that are often overlooked, that you must look at. Essentially the list is endless. No, you do not need to be in all of these places, just the ones that you are interested in, but I will add you need to make sure that your ideal client avatar can be found there. If they are not you are wasting your time. If you are not certain if they are or not. Go back to the avatar that you created and rework it.


A little hidden secret – when you are online and scrolling through your feed. You come a complete stop, your jaw drops a touch. You have just found your ideal client. Take a screenshot of what they wrote and use those words later in your content. It is super important to talk to your ideal client, not to your friend. If you do the second your business will stay stagnant and not be able to move forward in the way that you would like.


If you got this step wrong that is okay. All you need to do is go back to your ideal client avatar and make some changes.


Over time you will meet this person and you will be in awe of how similar that they are to the one that you created. If you are still stuck in this process you may ask him or her to help you out. Mine is very similar to me in many ways. I have even interviewed them to find out more details about them. This helped me to further understand them and where I can find them.

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The easiest and simplest way to find them is to create an ad. Using the demographics that facebook has you narrow down their lists and create a campaign ad to target them directly.