Are you reaching your ideal client avatar or a pretend person that you talk to? If not? What is holding you back? Have you created your ideal client avatar? If you have does it describe your avatar well? Is there any changes that need to be made?


Let us back up for a moment. What is an ideal client avatar? This is the person who you are trying to sell your product or service to. When you have a generic person or do not do this step. It will leave people confused as to who you are talking to. A confused person will not buy.


It is common to feel stuck in this process. You are not alone!

Woman with curly hair sitting on a stool

Allow me to help you.


Once you know who you are speaking to, it helps on every level of your business. No seriously, it really and truly does.


When you speak like your ideal client you are attracting them. You need to spend a lot of time here, to make sure you nail it down by breaking each step down. You are using their words, their language. If you do not you will be stuck in your business. Taking the extra time now will help later on when you are creating your marketing and everything else in your business.


I have a great one that I use with my coaching clients, to really narrow it down.


You need to ask questions like where does your ideal client hang out? Do they have a dog? How much do they make? All these are important areas that need to be asked and answered in detail. Do not skip this part. If you do, you will eventually have to come back and do this. Ask yourself all the questions that make you up and what drives you to make buying decisions.


Get to know this person well. As you will be speaking to them on every single level.