Gah! I feel so stuck. I hate feeling so defeated. I just keep spinning my wheels and I am not able to propel myself forward. I do not know what my next move is. I feel like giving up! There is no point in trying to do this myself. I suck and I am no photographer.


You ask yourself “Why can’t I figure this out? It should not be this hard!” Yet here you are sitting in total frustration, not sure what to do. Ready to throw all your hard work away and for what? A little frustration. Okay I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been there many times.


Okay let us look at this in depth. You have your subject in front of the camera. Yet you are not yielding the results that you have in your mind.

Beautiful woman in a white dress

Prior to the arrival of my client I have created a plan right down to every detail. There will be some changes as they may have brought more items. It also depends on where I want to go and how I visualize this in my head. For more details on how to get the ideas out of your head sign up for my newsletter in the personal branding page.


Have you learned the basics? The rules of how things work? What time of day is best to shoot? Do you need anything more than a camera? These are all good questions to ask yourself to make sure that you have everything prepared in advanced to set yourself up for success.


You realize that the only way is to either outsource this to a professional or to learn how yourself.


It is easier than you think. Sometimes all it takes is stepping away from it and coming at it a different way with a clear head. You got this, I pinky swear.