Do you feel stuck on where and how to scope out a location for a shoot?

This happens more often than you think. It is a step that should not be overlooked. It is just as important as the shoot itself.


I used to get stressed. Now I have created a flawless system to always come up with the best solution for the vision that is best for my client. I also take into factor the time of day for the best light as well as styling and hair and make up. These are all interchangeable by going hand in hand with each other. This helps me to not overthink things and once you create your own system you will have the same results.


I personally am very lucky to live in the country with acres and acres of property. This is where I do most of my shoots. I have a studio with various options as well as a forest for the perfect outdoor backdrop in my own private oasis.


Trust me I get it, it can be overwhelming. Allow me to take that overwhelm away or at least a little bit. I have listed below some great options:


  • A park
  • A forest
  • The beach
  • Your property
  • Your garage
  • By a patio door
  • A sunroom
  • A window with great light

Princess in the forest

As you can see it can be anywhere. All you have to do is create a plan of what is in your head out on paper. After you do this you can execute your plan for your shoot. It really is just that easy. Try not to overthink it. All you need to do is get out of your head. I always say to chunk it down and the success will follow. I can’t wait to see what you have created.