When someone is going through an emotionally trying time, holding space for someone else is important. It not only makes them feel empowered, but it allows them to be vulnerable and share what is on their mind.


In most cases, it is something traumatic, it could stem from depression and not wanting to hold it inside any longer. If this occurs, being non-judgmental and empathetic are key elements to being able to do this successfully.



Keeping in mind that you are not there to try to fix them, just giving them time and space just to be and share their story. By doing this for someone allows for the healing journey to start.


Some ways to empower them to continue their story is really to listen. When we really listen to another, it allows them to be comfortable in sharing their story with us. Further to this is allows them to feel comfortable and it makes them feel better to get what is on their mind off their chest and be connected with all who are present. Being present for someone else is also being present for yourself.


Be mindful that sometimes it can bring up past pain in your own past. Be clear with yourself that it is not your time to share until the person sharing their story is done. Don’t interrupt the person talking allow them to complete their story in their own time and do not try to fix it.


By practising these essential skills will empower them and make them feel heard, valued and accepted.


When they have shared their story you may wish to suggest for them to see a counsellor.


This is what happens when I run the monthly woman’s circles. It is powerful to observe the magic that occurs. No words can describe it.