The first step is being able to identify what it is that requires healing.


Dig deep talk to your friends. Healing is an emotional roller coaster having good and bad days. Always keep in mind that tomorrow is another day and it will be better.


We tend to isolate ourselves when we do this, we are left feeling numb and emotionally unavailable. You are left not knowing what to do. You may even feel depressed and sad and cry a lot. Your bed looks like the best place to be.


Then the guilt sets in. You have done nothing all day. What is your souse going to say when they get home? You literally had no energy to even get out of bed. Thinking about this makes you feel worse. But you can’t manoeuvre your body to get out of bed.


Resentment sinks in and you feel worse and really irritable. Your spouse just came home and now it has gotten worse because you had words. They just don’t understand what is going on with you. I shouldn’t have yelled, I couldn’t help it. Everything lately triggers me.


One of the best things you can do for yourself, regardless of how you feel is roll out of bed pull on your yoga clothes and do some exercise. I know how hard it is to do this. You can thank me later. Doing this one thing, is important as it will make you feel ‘almost’ like a million dollars. And really who doesn’t want to feel like that. It triggers something in your mind and allows you to feel better.



As the days go by the anxiety and depression continues to get worse. What do I do? I have no one to help me. You feel helpless and no good for nothing. This is not true. There are several supports available. One great resource is your family doctor. I would highly recommend making an appointment and going in. They will be able to give you the steps necessary to help you.


If you are feeling suicidal it is important to seek out help. A close friend of a professional, like myself. I am trained to help those who are having suicidal thoughts.


Remember, it is a slow process. Slow and steady wins.