Personal Branding & Headshots

We are not your traditional Personal Branding & Headshot studio; we believe that every business has a unique story to share.

We help you to set you apart by creating a story using photographs. In this process your clients will gain a greater understanding of you through the message you are portraying across all platforms.

At Wildflower Story, we know that clients make buying decisions with their hearts. Having an understanding of their unconscious and the underlying reasons why clients make the purchase is an important step in getting your message out.

Stacey has created a unique system that blends both her psychology and business knowledge to uncover your unique story. This system is put in place to attract your ideal clients to your business. It is done through diving into who you are and through what your business represents. A specialized photoshoot is then curated designed around your specific needs based on the information gathered.

Allow Stacey to build a personal branding story that delivers an experience that will be second to none. The retainer fee is $600 and prices start at $1000.

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