Are you having difficulty taking photos of your kids?


You are not alone.


It is normal for children to not listen. This happens often when it is your own kids. They know how to push your buttons. Oh, how I too have been there. I feel like screaming at them.


Did you know that we teach others how to treat us. Oprah said that once many years ago and it has stuck with me. That is a powerful statement.


You think but how? Okay let us back up a bit. I’m going to use my psychology background here. As I mentioned they live with you and they are your tiny human. They are super smart. If they don’t want to do something they know how to get out of it. Have you ever noticed how they behave perfectly when someone is over at your house or even when you go out in public. This is their true nature. These are the moments that you know you are doing well as a parent.


Okay now that I have explained that…there are some tricks that you can use.


A trick that I do is I pretend that my children are not my children (just for these moments) It helps me to change my role from mom to photographer. It creates a separation, as I behave differently when I am in this mode.


Having someone else there with you to be your assistant will help as well with posing and wiping noses and mouths and all those little things that do not look good in a photo. As they are closer to them and this way you can better concentrate on the task at hand – taking beautiful photos of your children.


Bribery works and this is not for all parents. But it does work. You want ice cream? Or to watch your favourite show. You do this for mommy first then you can have _____ insert item that you used. The options are endless. It really does work.

girl smiling for the camera in a purple dress

Happy shooting!