What to wear.

Not knowing what to wear for your headshot and/or personal branding photoshoot is normal. The goal is to impress your ideal client. Some people do not know what will look the best on them. It stops them in overwhelm. Then procrastination occurs. Keeping you stuck and not able to move forward.


I always recommend bringing options. I start with what is your favourite thing to wear? How do you feel in it? That is super important. As you have only seconds to make that first impression and you only get one chance to do it. How do you want your client to feel when they see your photograph? These are all things that need to be thought of.


I even dig deeper for a personal branding session, as it is very important that I am able to attract your ideal client through your images. I do this based on my psychology background with an in depth questionnaire.


The first thing I do before we start our session is to go through the items that you brought. Together we select the most amazing outfit that will help you to create an amazingly confident photograph that will put your best foot forward and ahead of your competition.


We all know how important it is to love what we are wearing, if you do not feel good in it, the photos will reflect this. If you feel amazing in it, it releases the feel good feeling. It changes us from deep within, giving us a boosted confidence that we never knew we had. It is so powerful and amazing to experience this. This is what I look for in my shoots.

Beautiful woman in a white dress

Beautiful woman in a white dress

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