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This FREE download will give your business the foundational skills to help you to rewire your brain. Doing this will create the necessary changes to yield successful results that you have been longing for in your business (and in your life).


I help business owners by taking beautiful personal branding photographs. I  learn about who you are as a person, your business and your brand story. I dig deep to uncover all the layers of your business to share your brand story. I use my psychology background to allow your clients to see how you stand out from everyone else.

DIY Course

We have all felt stuck. Then we sit in procrastination and we don’t move forward. I help to guide you past your struggles by giving you the necessary step-by-step DIY tools you need to have success. I use my past experiences in photography, business and psychology to help you achieve amazing results in your life and in your business.


I help businesses move past struggle by guiding them to reach their dreams so they can stop feeling like a failure. These feelings can lead to procrastination, lack of self confidence and not being able to move forward in your business. I take the pain away by using psychology driven skills to move you past your struggles. Stacey will be there to guide and support you every step of the way as we uncover the problem areas and to find solutions through my course and group coaching.

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