Out of all the different types of abuse, this one is the hardest to understand and identify. Emotional abuse is knowing and understanding how they are treating you is by devaluing you, making you feel useless and not heard.

All relationships go through a honeymoon period. This is considered normal. When involved in an emotional relationship, this type of honeymoon period is a little different. Their victim is chosen and groomed very carefully. This behaviour is totally, unbeknownst to the victim themselves.


Think back to the beginning of your relationship, before all the emotional abuse started. You were spoiled with flowers and jewelry, or it could have been other things. There might have been long walks, whispers of sweet nothings in your ear, texts. There were so many good things it was easy to overlook the feelings of doubt. This was done to make you feel special and want to be with them.


Then one day it all changed – it could have been after you were married, or started living together. He got angry with you for reason, or warning like 0 – 100 angry! All you did was go out with your friends and you stayed out a couple of hours longer than you told him. You didn’t think anything of it. He started accusing you of flirting with other men, and how you broke his trust. Nothing happened all you did was hang out with your friends, you would never do what he is accusing you of. You feel useless, not valued or good enough for them or anyone else.

Like any other type of abuse, it is hard to get out, you may not be ready, or do not know how. There is always help. Seek out your friends, a professional like a family doctor, or an abuse shelter. Or all of the above.