Are you tired of using the same old photos or maybe you need an update? 


Either way I can help you to create amazing photos that you will love for your business. 


You have a business and things are going okay. But you feel that you are struggling to keep up with your social media and the photos on your site. You have no idea what to post and just need something fresh! 


How can I help you?


I offer 1:1 mentoring, headshots, and personal branding photography. 


What is personal branding? It is not a specific style it is a set of photos of you and your brand. It tells your story. It will help to grow your brand, your business and gain clients. These images can be used for social media, advertising, print, website, merchandise, newsletters and more.


I learn about who you are as a person, your business and your brand story. By doing this I create a story of your business through photographs that best represents who you are. 


Can you just see that? Photos that you can use and do anything with across all social media platforms. 


Still now sure? 


Here is what some of my clients are saying:
I recently did two branding shoots with Stacey, one at my workplace as I was working and one with my children. I am blown away by the pictures I received of my children and I. They are amazing! Stacey was great to work with, communication was fast and she had lots of ideas and was laser focused in her execution. It was also super helpful that she brought an assistant to help with the kids. It was a great experience. Before we did any photos, we had a phone conversation all about my businesses, my goals, and what I wanted to portray in these photos, it was very thorough and we really got to know each other and when she did photograph us it was so easy because she already knew everything. She even helped me with posing, just the little adjustments so I would have seven chins (you know what I mean ?). If you’re looking for branding photos, I’d highly recommend connecting with Stacey and seeing if you would be a good fit together. 

~ Nicole Hennessy


I came to Stacey with and idea and she turned it into a reality! Listening attentively to who I am and what I hoped to convey she set me up from success with ideas on what to wear, to bring, and where to shoot the photos. The experience was smooth and easy and I never felt awkward ever! Stacey has got incredible skills but even better people skills and the two combined create one of a kind results!

~ Tawny Stowe



Headshots $300

1 outfit

3 images 

30 minutes


Personal Branding Mini sessions $295

July 19 

3 photos

20 minutes

1 outfit

online gallery

Make up by Samantha Blatnicky Makeup


Need help with your business? 


I understand the struggles. My first business was crazy successful. The next one I had a hard time. I didn’t have anything set up properly. I learned as I went. In my first business, it had all fallen into place and I had a business partner who did all the business side. I did the selling. 


This one I was all on my own. It was so much harder. This is where I learned so much and was able to push myself and to grow into who I am today, as a person, and in business. 


As a business owner, we all want to up level our business. There are so many ways. That we often get lost in what the original plan was in the first place. 


You need to get clear.


Once you do you can change the world with what you offer! Can you imagine that? Sounds incredible right?!


One on one 3 month mentoring $500


Still unsure if this is right for you?


When we start a business we often do not have a plan or how to get ourselves to the next level. We need to create a plan in order to take us there. We need to create an avatar, a mission statement, goals, a business plan, a marketing plan and a social media plan, shift your mindset and so much more.


Getting clear is important. Knowing all of these things will help you to take things to where you want to be. 


I do all this and much more.