What you don’t know about having a boudoir shoot.


We all have fears. It is normal to fear the unknown, even more so with the unknown with having a boudoir shoot.


Have you always secretly wanted to book a boudoir shoot so that you too could feel beautiful and sexy? But you are too scared of the unknown.


The photographer is going to see me in my skivvies.  What is she going to say when she see’s my huge belly, those stretch marks on my belly?  I can’t do it I just can’t.  I tightly close my eyes and wish away those insecurities.  I open them slowly, the fear is staring me in the face. The fear has over taken any desire to ever want to have one.  I am so uncoordinated…how am I going to know how to pose or maybe I should use that sexy duck face?  I don’t want to look like a fool in front of her. I feel like the most un sexy person ever.


What you think happens:

The photographer takes one look at me and tells me that I am so ugly that I will break her camera.  I hang my head in shame.  I can’t handle that kind of rejection.  It is best to stay comfortable right where I am.


What really happens:

First we view your lingerie, accessories and jewelry that you brought in for you session. If you don’t normally use any of the above no problem. We want the photos to look like you. Then we whisk you away to have your hair and make up done.  It’s a wonderful way to spend the first part of your shoot. 


It leaves you feeling a newfound beauty that you didn’t know you even had.  Once you are in your first outfit your fears melt away as I pose you and guide you into each pose. When you leave the studio you will have an extra pep in your step.



Then it’s that moment of waiting for your images to be ready for the viewing.  This is my favourite part.  I love showing you your images as I get to show you exactly how your partner see’s you, through their eyes.  It truly is a surreal experience.


Here at Wildflower Story we do everything to make sure each and every one of our clients are at ease and 100% comfortable.


Just do it for you, you won’t regret it.