Are you unsure which lingerie works best for your body type.  I truly do believe that no two bodies are the same.  Here are some get answers to your question.


Here are a few lingerie secrets for women of all body types.


Teddies and lace nighties will hide all the things you want to hide!


Busty women should wear plunging necklines and ruffles


If you’re not so busty, consider wearing ruffles around the bust, under wires, and halter styles that create the illusion of cleavage.


A silk robe is perfect for narrowing your hips and thighs.  Also anything sheer hides any parts you’d rather not see in photos.


Boy shorts are one of the best selections. They hide everything, as well as giving you the kind of booty you want.


For stockings, I suggest purchasing the ones without rubber. Why, you ask? Well, when you put an elastic around your skin, it indents it, which causes the skin around it to pool over. Not the look we are going after.  


I also don’t recommend babydolls.  When you’re posed, babydolls give the illusion that you are larger than you are.


A corset gives the chest more uplift and flattens the midriff, melting away 2-3 inches. It should end at the waist or below. A well-made corset has steel boning and ties, which work together to create an hourglass look. You’ll have curves in all the right places.


A bustier will feel less confining than a corset because it ends at the waistline or above.  It is not meant to cover your hips, and it is more flexible and has plastic boning. A bustier usually won’t have laces but will close with hooks and eyes.


A bra and panty set is a great alternative to any of the options above.


Now that you know this information, you can go shopping at any lingerie store with your newfound confidence.


Here is a guideline for what you should bring to a shoot:


I recommend bring at least 3 – 5  outfits to your shoot. 



There are all different types:



Bra’s and panties

Fish net stockings

Garters and stockings – make sure not to purchase the ones with the rubber to stay up and they indent your leg

Body suits


So many endless possibilities. 


Jewelry – if you are not a jewelry person, you don’t need to bring any


Anything that you love


I help you and guide you every step of the way.

The sky is the limit.

Hair extensions if you have them


I also have wardrobe options here as well. 


Together we will go through your wardrobe and select the items that will look the best on you. I also give my clients the option to send me photos and I can help them with their selection of wardrobe.