What to look for in a photographer


You have decided to go ahead and book your boudoir session. You have no idea what to look for in one.

Allow me to help you.

Do you connect with the photographer

You want to make sure that you have a connection with him or her. If you don’t feel comfortable your photos will reflect it. You want someone who you can trust and help you to feel relaxed during your shoot. When this happens you are able to feel this confident in what you are doing and the fear melts away. This is where the magic can begin. You will be amazed at the final results

Are you comfortable with a male or female photographer. 

Who would you feel more comfortable in front of? Think about it. You may not even realize that you have a preference. Weigh the options and make a decision based off of this. 

You really do get what you pay for. A photographer who is cheap is either not confident in their work or they are just starting their photography business. Make sure you do your research and find someone who is within your budget and offers you what you are looking for.


What kind of photos do you love? Does the photographer that you have selected offer what you are looking for? If you still have questions you can request to see a whole session. This way you can learn a lot from this. How many images will be delivered. What kind of photos. This is a great way to learn what to expect from your own shoots. Do you like the photographers editing style? Do you have a preference to sultry, a dark or light or even a flirty session. Can the photographer offer what you are looking for?


A lot of my clients ask that I keep there session private. This should be very importand to the photographer. I talk about this with each of my clients and what their comfort level is. I always respect which ever decision you make.