How to regain your confidence 

What does having no confidence and a boudoir shoot have in coming? Read on my friend. 


It doesn’t matter is we weigh 90 pounds or 290 pounds most of us all feel the same inside.  


Fat and ugly.


Then when someone pulls out the camera how do you feel inside?  Do you cringe at the site of it?  Why would someone want to photograph me…I am just fat and ugly who wants to remember that. 


I sure don’t.  


Depending on the day I will put my hand up over my face and walk away or if you catch me on a good day I will put on a fake smile and let the camera see me for what I think I look like.  


Recently, I was doing some research for my course and I found this statistic… is crazy 


97% of women say ‘I hate myself’ and have 13 negative body thoughts a day. This fact equates to about 1 negative thought an hour.


I have heard that some women think that number is high and some have told me it should be higher than that. 


To me this is extremely alarming and unreal.  What has broken us so much that we feel that we pick ourselves apart like this?


We need to stop this STOP IT NOW!!!  We have a choice, lets choose to change that number. I realize it is not going to be easy. 


What does this say about society? In magazines and movies they show us what an ideal women looks like. Often this leaves us a ‘regular, everyday people’ not feeling like we look the way we should. This is not right. 


We need to change this.


It is time to feel confident, sexy, beautiful and rebuilding are self esteem! We need to let that guard down. Not all at once, I get that it’s hard and it’s traumatic. When my clients leave my studio they are walking on air and full of confidence.


As a photographer one of my favourite moments is showing my client their images as I get to show them what they look like through someone else’s eye.  


What is holding you back from booking a session? I dare you to live for today and just do it!


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