Naturally when we think of boudoir, we often think of something very private and intimate. Typically that is the case and that is why women choose to have boudoir photo shoots. They want to have photos either for themselves or for someone special that are intimate, sexy, and “for their eyes only”.

Photography is art and sometimes we like to display that art out in the open. That can seem pretty scary when it comes to your personal boudoir photos that usually showcase you in little clothing or your birthday suit! However, there are a few ways that you can take your professional prints and display them in your home (or where ever you choose) without being terrified that Uncle Bob or Grandma will stumble upon them and go into complete and utter shock.

The best types of images to display that won’t get the shock and awe factor are images that show details from your photo shoot, such as a close up of you hooking a garter or the curve of your hip. Images that show your body but not your face are also great choices because the “secret factor” is left intact. If someone was to stumble upon the photo, they don’t exactly know that it’s you! We can work together during your photo shoot to come up with some great images that you’d love to have hanging on your walls!


What is more private than your master bedroom? 
Most of the time the only people in our bedrooms are ourselves, our partners, and maybe our BFF’s from time to time. If you have open wall space above your bed, that’s usually a great spot for hanging an image. If you’re worried that someone might pop into the door and see it front and center, choose a wall that is off to the side and not in direct view. If you have a large or walkin closet, that is also a great space to place a few prints out of the public eye!


Your master bathroom is a great hideaway. 
Whether it is an ensuite or detached from your bedroom, it’s likely used only by you and your significant other which means it’s another great place for displaying your boudoir photos! You can make a cluster of a few small prints together or even decide on a large sexy and seductive photo and hang it above your bathtub.


Does your man have a “man cave”? 
If he has a cozy little getaway in the house just for him, give him a few saucy photos that he can hang wherever he chooses. Maybe it will be directly on the wall or safely tucked away behind the wet bar. If he has company over for poker night, he can always stash the photos else where for the time being so his buddies don’t get a peek.


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