We have all encountered toxic people at some point in our lives. It could be when you were in high school, or someone in your family, or a friend. Knowing how to deal with them is important.


1 – toxically infused – this is when an individual has been brought up in an environment where they have had little concern for others. They are normally loud and they yell, often not being aware that this is what they are doing. Having this type of tainted relationship is the norm for them. They do not see themselves as being this way of being ignorant, inappropriate or imposing on others.


How to handle them: they have not been taught proper etiquette. They are very blunt and to the point. Give them metaphors and analogies as a reference.


2 – toxically complicit – they know right from wrong, but they still engage in behaviours such as bullying and putting others down. They thrive and feel that they need to be like this in order to survive.


How to handle them: redirect them by challenging them about mistreating others. This is done to know that you are aware and you do not like it what they are doing to others.


3 – toxically insurgent – their motto in life is it is better to be feared than to be loved. They are loud and obnoxious. No one wants to be around them. They bring everyone around them down and all you want to do is avoid them.


How to handle them: If you respond to them it only adds more fire to their flame. Keeping them away from others is important, if possible.



By following these three steps should help in minimizing a toxic persons behaviour. Of course there is always just staying away, but sometimes, you do not have a choice.