How do you know when burn out appears? Is there a way to stop it? Are you ignoring all the signs?

Being aware of the signs is key to knowing how to stop the process. If you keep working, working, working and have no time to have fun, or not having the time for self-care. Eventually, it is inevitable, you will burn out. It is ugly when it happens. It is better to realize it on your own and take the necessary steps to stop the process.


Let’s take a step back, first what is burn out?

It is a form of stress that will lead to being detached (from yourself), not being productive and spinning your wheels and not being able to propel yourself forward. Essentially it makes you feel emotionally and physically exhausted all the time.


What are the signs:




Not being able to concentrate

Being run down (getting sick)

Loss of appetite



Fatigue (lack of energy and always being tired)



Once you recognize that it is happening to you, it is important to take the steps to recover and being fully aware and being able to take charge of you!


You may be asking how? Allow me to share it with you.


By being mindful of your actions during the day. If you are working a lot making sure to schedule in some time to have some me time. That means having time for self-care. Go have a bath, do some yoga, a craft. Whatever activity you enjoy doing. Check in with yourself and make sure that you are on track with your recovery. Always keep in mind if you take care of yourself you will be more productive then if you allow burn out to take over.