Fear is something we all struggle with. I am shaking and I don’t know what to do? What is the next step? I just, can’t do this. As humans we are all faced with fear at some point.  Often we don’t know how to handle the next step. We tend to stay right were it is comfortable and not move forward. Eventually, it gets stagnant. In order to move forward we have to move past the fear.

As you know, I recently graduated from college, my friends and I went zip lining along the treetops. I have done this course at Boler Mountain before with my daughter’s class. It challenges you. It pushes you, beyond what you’d like to do. You have no choice but to move forward and face your fear head on.

When I was scared I thought back to my business and what I do when this happens. It occurs often. This is how I know that I am growing. Instantly, I had my answer and I applied it to this. The secret to getting over your fear is to break it down. That day this is what I said to myself “breathe” I breathed in and let it out slowly and I repeated this several times. I did this so that I would calm myself. Than I would say out loud to myself, “small baby steps.“ You know what it worked.

I had an aha moment when I was high up there amongst the trees. When one of my friends got stuck, or needed help, we leaned on each other for support, like we did when we were in college. Solidifying the fact that we need others to help us when we are facing challenges in life. BUT, sometimes we are not ready for the answer. Later when we had completed the course and were down on the ground, the group of boys that were behind us were up in the trees were doing another obstacle course. One of them had admitted to me that they were scared. I saw him hesitate and knew that he was feeling scared. I told him what to do.

He didn’t listen. Here is the aha moment, he wasn’t ready to hear it. We hear and accept what we want to hear. This is okay. We don’t always see the whole picture, or want to see it. He may not of been ready, or maybe he was stubborn. Keeping in mind that we see what we want to see in life. Sometimes it takes opening your eyes to be able to see the whole picture.