Abuse comes in many different forms. There is verbal, emotional, physical, discrimination, financial neglect, and sexual. None of these should ever be taken lightly. It is important to become educated on theses.


Today I will be talking about the type of abuse that we often over look, but it is so important to be aware of. Emotional abuse. It creeps in when you are not looking and it sucks you whole without you realizing it. This type of abuse is very common between a couple.


–      1 they put you down – pay attention to this one. This is a key indicator that you are in an abusive relationship.

–      2 what you think doesn’t matter – it doesn’t matter what you think. They will do what they want, or they don’t want to hear it.

–      3 always being sarcastic – it shows a lack of empathy towards you and that you offer no value.

–      4 criticize your thoughts – They will often think you are too sensitive and they will not take your side.

–      5 they are in control – they will be watching you and may even judge you.

–      6 they are always correcting you – if you tell a story you just don’t get it right. In their eyes you are wrong and they are always right.

–      7 they control the finances – they will tell you how to spend your money, regardless of whose it is.

–      8 always want you to stay home – they will get upset when you leave the house where they can control you.

–      9 they will always tell you your mistakes – they always have to be right and they like to point out your errors.

–      10 they like to use hand gestures towards you instead of talking – this is a sign of disrespect

–      11 they blame you for everything – it doesn’t matter if you did it or not. It is your fault.

–      12 they are intolerant – it doesn’t matter what you do. You will never be good enough for them.


It is normal to not realize that you are in this type of relationship. Don’t let your partner treat you this way! It is time to take a stand.


If you know someone who is being abused it takes approximately seven times of seeking out help before they will leave the relationship. SEVEN times! You can’t change someone mind or make them see. They will only see it in there own time.