The feelings of sad, lonely and depressed are all very common affects of depression. It creeps in when you last expect it and then it will not leave. You did not invite it. It has just decided to stay, like an uninvited houseguest. How do you get rid of it? There are some good days and there are bad days.


Getting help is important. The desire of wanting to get help is very low. In fact getting out of bed is a struggle. All you want to do is roll over and pull the covers up. Each day rolls into the next. With each of those days the guilt consumes you. It eats you alive.  You are missing appointments, neglecting your children, as well as other obligations. You feel strapped to the bed you cannot get up. The questions run through your mind. Who can I ask? Who can I trust? Most of the time the answer is no one, or at least this is how you feel in that moment. There is always help. Find that one person who can help. That is all that it takes. One person.

Being aware that tomorrow is another day helped me in coping with my depression. What is depression? It is when you have feelings of being sad. More times than not during the last two weeks during the month.

Being aware that someone who has had depression increases his or her chances of completing a successful suicide increases ten fold. If you, or someone you know is experiencing these types of feelings, seek out help, even if you feel that you can’t. It is important for your mental health. Find that one person who can help. That is all that it takes. One person. A family doctor. A professional. A friend. A partner. A stranger. Or someone that has ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). I am one of those individuals.