Getting to know your makeup bag

An easy guide to bringing out your best features…


Typically we all have one, or more of the following items in our drawer, or purse: mascara, lipstick, foundation/tinted moisturizer. The real question is: am I using it right?

Most of us have our “go-to” daily look. Most of us have scrolled through our social media and thought “I’m not good at makeup”

Makeup doesn’t have to be a mask

It is reassuring to know that there is not a right, or wrong way. There are some things to take into consideration to make sure you are making the most of your cosmetics.

Eyeliner: Instead of black kohl pencil, try a deep chocolate brown. Apply from the outer corner and stop just below your iris (toward you tear duct). Lightly smudge this line and follow with mascara if you wish. (as a career artist, I rarely use black eyeliner, as it tends to close the eye and can add years to your look). If liquid liner is on your radar, black is still ok for top lids.

Lips: If you’re a fan of your pout, keep it healthy by staying hydrated and using a spf lip balm. A nice option for everyday is a tinted lip balm, which provides care and adds some colour. If you desire more detonation, try a mauve (think pinky berry tones) lip pencil to lightly line your lips and fill in before applying your balm. The lip pencil will increase staying power significantly.

Foundation: The best written advice I can give is to seek out a professional makeup artist to help you find your best match and formula. This can be done at a makeup counter, drug store that has a cosmetics boutique, or you can even book your very own detailed lesson with me! We tend to vary in shades dependent on the season; so don’t be discouraged if you notice your usual colour isn’t sitting well anymore. It’s helpful to know if you are “cool” or “warm” tone, take a look at the veins on the inside of your arm: blue veins means cool undertones and green means warm. If you see both, you’re probably an olive tone which is neutral. Choosing a formula intended for oily, dry, or mature skin is also something to consider as it will make for easier application.

The number one thing to remember is that finding out what works best for you.

It will take practice, you’ll probably hate the first attempts but try to think of it as getting to know your face. Love those features that are unique and belong to you.


Mallory is a licensed hairstylist and professional makeup artist based out of London, Ontario. She has been working with women to discover their fabulousness since 2010, keeping true to her tag line: ‘My job isn’t to make you beautiful; it’s to show you how beautiful you already are” | Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Pinterest @BeautyByMallory