Doing It For You


Making the decision to lose weight is a hard one. Following through and maintaining it is even harder. Setting yourself up for success goes a long way.


Weight loss is usually the driving force behind wanting to get into a fitness, or nutrition program!


I love that women want to be a little healthier and take care of themselves because in my opinion, we don’t do that enough. Let’s take a look at some of the driving forces behind your goals.


You need to know your why.


There is always a reason deeper than weight loss that you need to uncover in order to have a body that you truly love. This goes beyond the superficial and when you know what it is, you will feel it. When you have figure this out, you begin the slow process of healing with yourself.


Loving you body is a process that goes far beyond lifting weights and eating well. It’s a journey of self acceptance and self love.


Loving your body when you lose 10 pounds, most likely will not happen. You need to love yourself where you are right now. You will never be happy with yourself  10, or 20 pounds from now if you can’t be happy with yourself today.


Look deep within yourself and remove the ego. Ask yourself the tough questions. Strip down to a place of purity and ask yourself why. Find the emotion and there you will discover your truth, then go from there. This is the hardest part, even harder than the working out of eating healthy. Once you have found this you have found your driving force, you will have your power.


Terrell Baldock is the owner of Mom’s Fitness Boutique and she is dying to change the way moms and moms to be look at themselves. She has been working the better part of a decade in the fitness industry, working with women, helping them find love and appreciation within themselves. She is a certified Bellies Inc Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Certified Doula and Birth Educator in London, Ont. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @momsfitnessboutique