Do you need a new ‘do?

Finding your perfect hairstyle…


Finding the perfect hairstyle is hard work. Sometimes it is done on impulse, or as a result of years of consideration. The fear of an unflattering hairstyle is real.

Anytime I have a client requesting a change, or suggestion, I always ask these questions to help us determine the best styling options.

Maintenance: I start by asking how much prep time do you have for your hair, mainly after washing. Are you wash and go? Or do you have the ambition to add an extra 45 minutes to blowdry, or heat styling?

Lifestyle: Does your job, or daily life allow for a shorter length? Can you be without the option to have a ponytail? Or perhaps you’re okay with just being able to pin it up out of your face. There are usually ways to execute the current trends that suit your need for a longer, or shorter length.

Texture: There are some styles that won’t be suitable for curly, fine, thin, thick, or straight hair. Chances are you know where you fit in these types, but finding a stylist that specializes in your texture can be very helpful.

When you have the right haircut, styling should be a breeze.

Heat styling should be done sparingly, but if done properly it can give you a style that lasts a day, or two. Irons with a diameter of 3/4″ – 1 3/4″ can provide bouncy waves and movement to shoulder length, or longer hair. Curl hair by sectioning in vertical panels that are no wider than an inch, wrap that panel around the iron and hold for a few seconds – open the tong and let the curl slide off the barrel and let it cool, as you move on the to next one. Curl away from your face, the curls will change direction once you get to the back of your head. Once you have curled the sections, take a couple squirts of hair serum, or styling oil and rub all over your hands like you’re applying lotion. This spreads the product so that you’re not left with a heavy spot of product on the area of your hair that you touch first. Lightly run your hands through the curls, they should loosen up and fall into beautiful new by waves. The serum on your hand will control frizz and excess volume.


Mallory is a licensed hairstylist and professional makeup artist based out of London, Ontario. She has been working with women to discover their fabulousness since 2010, keeping true to her tag line: ‘My job isn’t to make you beautiful; it’s to show you how beautiful you already are” | Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Pinterest @BeautyByMallory