Spice up your relationship


Do you remember how to spice up your life? At one time romance happened all the time, it was like second nature to you. Allow me to help you out. Do you still date your partner? Is the answer no? Why not? That is just what I thought.


We love our partner; there is no undeniable fact about it. As time goes on, we get comfortable, and we forget to do those small little things that we used to do. We can even take them for granted without meaning too .


I recommend going out on a date night at least once a month.


I can hear your response already. You are thinking ‘But I do not have time?’ Do you have a planner, or a calendar that you put everything into? You, and I both know that if you schedule it in, and make it a priory it is more likely to happen. Go ahead call your partner, and make those long over due plans .


But, we do not have any money.


I totally understand. You do not need to go out. Chances are pretty good that you plan on making dinner anyways. Make your partner’s favourite meal, or something of your choice. The choice is yours.


After you put the kids to bed. Go put on that dress that you feel amazing in, set the table, bring out the candles and serve your meal.


Having a date night will go a long ways in showing your partner how much you care about them, and make them feel loved. It will also leave you feeling sexy, confident, beautiful, and your heart full of happiness.




Ps – Do not forget to turn off your devices. There is nothing more of a mood killer then when you are on your device while you are romancing your partner.


You have no excuse but, to go, and grab your calendar.