Single sexy Mom


Being a single Mom is hard work you not only have to be a Mom, you have to be a Dad on a daily basis.


I hear all the time how single Mom’s don’t have time, or even money to take care of them. I know how stressful it is.


I have been there.


It is about putting your children’s needs first such, as clothing, shelter, and food. This is what being a Mother is all about. With this being said, if you don’t take care of you, you can’t properly take care of others. Sometimes you do have to take the time for you. I know it’s hard. If it’s important to you, you will make the time.


Being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs, and at the same time the most rewarding. It is a job that leaves you with stains on your clothes, your hair a mess, and make up what is that again? I totally get why you have lost yourself.


It is time to start finding yourself.


Think back to a time before you had children. What did you love to do? Did you enjoy spending time with your friends? How about a bubble bath, or reading a good book while sipping on some wine? Or was it an activity like dancing? What ever it was why don’t you start doing that again? A little you time makes you feel refreshed, and ready to take on new things. It is like recharging your batteries.


Even taking a bath, and reading a good book while enjoying a glass of wine is a nice way to unwind after a hard days work. Take some you time to make you feel glamorous, sexy, confident, and beautiful once again. Not only will you be thankful you did, your children will notice a difference, as well. No excuses stop dragging your feet, and do something for you today.