Positive, Negative, Positive

We have all heard that we become like the 5 people that our closest to us. What if those 5 people are negative? Go find someone that is not. Yes, it really is that simple. Do you want to go through life negatively? You know constantly being down, being depressed, and putting others down. Or would you rather be upbeat, uplifting and happy? Ultimately the choice is yours. I know which one I would choose.

I wish more of us chose to be positive. Imagine how the world would be if we were all positive? How would that improve your day? Your life? How would that improve someone else’s day or life?

We all make choices!

Set a goal a small one.

Remember baby steps after all is important if we take on too much at one time we will set ourselves up for failure. We don’t want to do that.

Try it for a day, once you have success move to the next step, then a week, and then a month.   Imagine how you would feel after one month of happy thoughts? It is life changing!!!

Here is the “how” every time you think a negative thought turn it around to be a positive one. “but I don’t know how?” I suggest writing down those angry thoughts on a post it note, and below it write a positive thought. It really is that simple. Yes, it will be hard at first. But you can do it!! I have faith!

I would love to hear your success stories!