Relaxing, what’s that?


Do you find as you get older that it harder, and harder to relax?


There is so much going on around us, it really is a whirlwind. Sometimes I wish I could go back to simpler times. There is just too much going on. We have all kinds of devices that have us checking in too many times during the day. We need to find a way to cut the cord, and know when we need to step away. There is television. Kids don’t go out, and play like they used too. It is not healthy.


We have all seen those commercials where there is a birthday party (or even been to one, and saw this happen right before your eyes) and everyone is more into their own phones, than connecting with the birthday person. If that was you how would that make you feel?


Not warm, and fuzzy that is for sure.


We need to relearn that art of making the person we are engaging with feel important.


We need to schedule in time to spend with our loved ones to kick back, and relax, without distractions, and make them feel important, valued, and loved. If we don’t they will often feel neglected, and taken for granted.


How do you go back to knowing what you love to do to unwind? Think back to your childhood. I swear everything links back to this time in your life.


What did you enjoying doing, as a child?


Was it reading in your favourite nook?


Was it playing sports with your pals?


How about sitting around with your friends playing cards?


Whatever it may be, do more of that. I have found that I love colouring, yes some people make fun of me. I have bought some nice gel pens, and I doodle in these special books. It really relaxes me.


Go find that special something to unwind at night and you will feel refreshed afterwards.