It’s work who knew


Marriage is hard! Damn hard! We all enter marriage with the best of intentions with the one we love. But sometimes, before we know it you just stop communicating.


But how can I do this? I can just hear you ask yourself!


Here are some ways to help keep you on track:


Avoid tempting people – sometimes you meet someone who is really sexy. Than you start crushing on them. Saying no, and staying away will avoid/or minimize temptation. This is always the best solution. Every time you do, think about something funny your partner did, or said to you.


Communicate – you maybe are at a point in your relationship where you are not doing a lot of sharing how you feel. If you are not doing this, your relationship could be doomed. And I mean real soon. Allow me to explain – remember back to when you were first dating – how you’d talk for hours. About anything, and everything. You need to open these doors once again, and share what is important in your life. Being on the same page is important.


Dating your spouse – have a date night at least once a month


Compliment each other – this is a biggie! Giving a compliment not only makes you feel good. Doing it makes your partner feel re-assured, and better about themselves. Go on try it!


Reassess your needs – as you age you learn new things in life. You may grow apart a little. By having a conversation about every six months about your needs, and your relationship goals keeps you on track of were you are, and were you’d like to see your relationship go.


Remembering the why you fell in love in the first place, will keep the spark alive. As well, staying on the same page is important! Go ahead start communicating today, I dare you!