Baggage? What baggage?

Is it just me, or is finding friends, as you get older harder to do?


Who knew, that it would be this hard. I remember a time when I went to the playground, as a child, and I would be going down the slide, climbing back up the stairs again, and again. Then a young girl appeared out of know where would join me. We would be instant friends.


That doesn’t happen now!


Baggage is not our friend! This is what is stopping us from making friends. We are scared. We have been hurt before. That is okay. We need time to heal. We don’t feel valued, or worthy of having friends. And this results in not making new friendships.


Most likely this is something that your spouse did without us being any the wiser.


It happened to me. I had two best friends. We were friends for years. When I went through my divorce I lost both of them. They chose his side. My ex he was a charmer and a bullshitter, and somehow they both sided with him. Any time I went to talk to them all they could say was “poor so, and so, I feel so bad for him. I hope he’s okay”.  I felt like screaming “ H-E-L-L-O do you remember me, your best friend here, who is in pain. I need you! Why are you siding with someone who abused me every day of my life”?


You can do better than this.


Those people are not your ‘real’ friends. I struggled for a long time to find some, and to heal from those open wounds. Until one day it just happened. Literally, they came out of know where. It smacked me right in the face. I knew them. I talked to them, but we all fell in sync together, and now we are the 5’6 squad. Funny story, we never noticed that we all were 5’6, until one day two of us were standing beside each other…okay, okay, my story fell flat. Normally these stories do. It was just a random fact. I love these girls – they saved me more than they will ever realize! I big puffy heart them all!


The moral of my story.


You will find yours, I pinky swear. I may take a few months, or it may take a few years, but I promise your people are waiting for you, and you will fall into pace with them faster than you realize!