Are you wonder woman?


For the first time ever, there is an extremely high level of trying to balance it all. Women now have to try to be wonderwomen! We are expected to get the groceries, clean the house, cater to our spouse, take care of the children, run all the errands, run the kids to all their activities, work a full time job outside of the home. The list goes on, and on.


How can we do it all.


It can seem like an overwhelming talk. But first you need to sit down, and figure out what are you priorities are, and work from there.


Statistics have shown that approximately 75% of us spend more than 45 hours a week at our job, or something job related.


Even more eye opening is that only 23% are happy where they are.


What are you going to do about it?


You are in charge of you! Where do you want your destiny to take you? What will make you happy? Only you have the answers.


Sure you can quit your job today, but would that make you happy? My guess is no, it will make you go broke.


Breaking up with your spouse.  Who will help in raising those beautiful children? Don’t do anything drastic.


Having a nervous brake down. Okay we can’t plan that. But we can take steps to avoid this.


My advise don’t do anything crazy. Let’s start small!


1)  Me time – by creating you time allows you to recharge. It gives us a much needed break, and we come back feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the world.


2) Ditch Time Wasters – Your time is valuable, and it should be treated by eliminating them you are creating time to do things that you would rather do.


3) Outsource – is this a possibility? You can outsource your grocery shopping, housekeeping, and home maintenance. Give yourself permission to not have to do it all.


4) Exercise – is very important. It helps to reduce your stress level, you live longer. Just remember to schedule at least 10 – 15 minutes.


By implementing these few steps will create a better environment that you will be happy with. Remember babysteps will win this race baby! It’s all about the work life balance, and managing it all and ultimately you being happy!