Would you stop nagging me!


Jonny, your son is banging on the door, as he does every time he wants something. All he ever does is NAG, NAG, NAG. He doesn’t let up until you can’t avoid him any longer. He is angry, but really what did you expect after avoiding him.


::sigh:: okay deep breath, practice your breathing before you answer the door.


You open the door you start yelling at him. Your blood has boiled over. What happened? I didn’t want to respond like that. Why did I do that? I need to stop. How do I do that? Jonny just makes me so angry! Breathe, remember to breathe, more yelling comes out. What is going on here?  


Why can’t I keep it together? I. CAN’T. STOP.


I am wound up so tight that I am ready to burst it doesn’t matter who it is at. I have been holding it in, and now it is flowing out of me like the water dam that has just broke. Jonny’s response was hitting me, just like his father. I thought I got rid of him, and his abuse after we separated. He has left, I have fallen to the ground my tears flowing, now what do I do? Could I have avoided this? Is it possible to stop the cycle?


Anything is possible!


Your heard it before, but did you listen? I didn’t think so. Stop being so stubborn. Self-care is so important. It’s a must. How can you take care of your family, if no one is taking care of you?

<< photo of a frazzled mom with kids>>

Does this look like you?


I thought so! It’s time to take care of you! Here are some great idea’s on how to practice self-care:

  • You can take a bath.
  • Lock yourself in the bathroom with that last piece of chocolate cake (cause we all have done it!)
  • Go out with your closest friends
  • Take in a movie
  • Have a tarot reading
  • Relax have a glass of wine and watch your favourite show, or movie
  • Take a course you have been wanting to
  • Colour
  • Go away for the weekend with that special someone (or by yourself)


My point, self-care is so important for your soul! It calms you, it grounds you, as well it keeps you sane! This is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your family.


A happy mom, means happy kids!