Stay far, far away

We all know a toxic person. Some we can stay away from others we can’t for one personal reason, or another. What we can control is limiting the amount of time we spend with them.


Toxic people are like a leech they suck all your energy out of you.


First, let me define what a toxic person is. A toxic person is someone who creates drama, or they are the one who is always surrounded by it. They also will manipulate, and control others. It’s only about them.


Wow! That’s pretty heavy! Why do we allow this?


We try, and try, but it makes us feel like a terrible person instead. We let them walk all over us! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! ENOUGH! NO MORE! I SHOUT!


I have had it. I am standing up for myself.


Not sure how to do this? Read on.


1)   Keep in tune with your emotions – be in control of you, and how you react


2)   Create a plan – by creating a plan when you are in this kind of situation will help in knowing what to do.


3)   Walk away – seriously! Don’t engage. This shows that you are the bigger person, as well it avoids a confrontation.


4)   Don’t let it eat at you – think of something else. I know it’s hard. Every time you think of the situation, think of something else that makes you happy. Not only will this will help you in reducing your stress, you will feel better about yourself.


5)   Take care of yourself – by taking care of yourself you won’t be as quick to jump in, and say something that you will regret later. By getting enough sleep you will be more likely to be level headed in a bad situation.


6)   Use your support system – friends are great at keeping you in line when you need a little extra umph!!!


If need be, keep a copy of this list in your purse as a reminder.