Live your best life

We choose how to live our life, we can go through it angry, sad, and depressed, or we can go through it happy, thankful, and full of purpose.


Each day that we are here on earth, we should be thankful. We start this journey in life not knowing where, or who we are. We leave this earth, not knowing how we are going to leave. What we do have control over is how we live our life, while we are here.


We have a choice.


We can choose to be grumpy, sad, depressed, upset, or we can be happy, positive, and thankful.


We all have baggage, which creates, and molds us into who we are today. It is a part of our story. Our legacy of what we leave behind.


This baggage that we carry around day in, and day out, needs to be lightened. Most of us don’t know how to release it, I know it’s hard.


We all would like to know how to release this excess baggage.


While at the airport we are checking in, and we have just found out that our bag is too heavy we need to unload some of it’s contents. What should we take out? After some thought we decide to take out the sad, grumpy, depressed, and upsets items. Now that those items are gone it leaves us free, and it’s time to start the healing process.


We still have a choice we can be thankful. We can be jealous. We can fear. We can be happy. We can be angry, or we can be sad. Which one of these do you choose?


I hope you chose being happy!


Being thankful, and happy go hand in hand.


Guide to being happy:


Live each day with purpose


Let go of anger

Tell your family every day you love them

Give people hugs

Do things for you


Doing the above will allow us to live a much better and healthier life. Pick one thing today and do it.


By joining our circle, our sisterhood will guide each other in our healing process.