Is it clear

Ask yourself, how do you right now get in tune with yourself?

Hmm, just what I thought!

Not cool, taking the time out to take care of yourself, helps in reduce your stress, and makes you happier and you get more done!

So, pick yourself up!

Cause I know you are in a slump, and you need this pick me up! Below, I have included some great ways to help out!

Great ways to get in tune with yourself:

1)   Meditation – sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes, and tilting your head up slightly towards the sky. What has been on your mind lately? Concentrate on this, and push out your other thoughts. Example – How can I become happier? Think of the ways you can reach this goal. Do this for about 5-10 minutes a few times a day. This will help getting in tune with yourself.

2)   Finding a hobby/doing something you love – I find, as I get older, I have less, and less time to spend doing the things I love. Children are a huge part of this. As we know, they are very demanding. Taking the you time is important, it allows you to stay on track. If you are happy, than everyone else in your family is happy.

3)   Spending time with your family and/or friends – Having a girls night out – is just what you need to recharge. There is something pretty special about spending relaxing time with your friends, and getting away from it all! Of course this is one of the best options, and my first go to!

These are all great ways to recharge yourself, and get back on track. In doing any of these allows you freedom, and creates happiness inside. Often you don’t realize that this is something that you are missing. This is important soul food!

No more excuses, this is just what you need.

Go grab your closest friends and spend some time together!