Have you forgotten how to communicate?


We all get comfortable in our relationships. When this happened, we start to take those we love for granted. Sometimes it is on purpose, other times not so much. It can be that we just don’t pay close enough attention.


Do you give him the time and attention that he needs? Have you forgotten how? It is sometimes too easy to fall into a pattern of gliding by and not paying close enough attention, or maybe it’s that you don’t have time and you ignore them and you think “I will deal with this later, when I have time”. But then later doesn’t come, then it builds and builds until it explodes. Biting off little chunks is easier then having that huge blowout and less stressful. Talking is important.


I am going to share 2 tips that have worked for me.


Do you date your spouse? Why not? I can hear the excuses already. ‘But Stacey I don’t have the money!’ ‘I don’t have the time too.’ ‘I can’t leave my baby!’ STOP putting up the barriers from doing something for YOU!


You ARE important!


You eat dinner every night? Who says anything about going out!


Get creative!


Make dinner for the kids and when you put them to bed make a special dinner for the two of you or go grab some take out! Make it together OR even better go out for dinner! Make sure you do it monthly and schedule it in. If you don’t it a a lot less likely to happen.


Check in’s – this is where you check in every few months to see how things are going. Make sure your spouse knows they are not in trouble. This is where you talk about what you need and make adjustments to your relationship.


We are not the same people, as when we first started dating, we change, our needs change and you need to grow together. Therefore when you check in you can talk about it to see what you can do differently or things maybe perfect and you don’t need to change a thing. I suggest doing this every 3-4 months.


I know we live in a hectic world where we want everything now and finding time is hard. How do you find the time? I am so happy that you asked! Schedule it in and make the time. I find when you value something enough you make the time.


I know you value your spouse; after all you married them for a reason .


You are with your spouse for a reason. Now is the time to remember why!


Enjoy it!