Its soul purpose is to empower women to be confident in everything they do. It is broken down into a few different aspects.

  1. – courses designed to help you with self-esteem and self-care
  2. – circles to continue to empower, create confidence and be authentically you.

Of course there is room to blossom and you never know where the story will end!

What is a circle?

A circle is a group of women who get together who share their intentions for creating a better life for themselves and/or their families.

When I attended my first circle, as a photographer. It changed my life. I walked into that event not having a clue that it would change my life. I just expected to take photos, go home, and edit them. Angie, who hired me to photograph their event from Sacred Surrogacy made it clear that she wanted me as part of the circle. So part of the circle I did.

Hmmm what does that look like? Do I really want to do that? I was scared? 

I watched each women share her story with a group of about thirty women. As that salt bowl slid slowly from woman to woman, each one bared their soul to everyone in the room. I was amazed by the openness, the pouring out of every woman’s soul and the support in each of these moments that these woman gave each other.

There were no judgments, just encouragement.  Damn, it was empowering!

I worked the room photographing and observing each woman, kinda hoping that I would just be missed in the shuffle. Angie was going to have none of that. She made sure that I had my turn. So I slowly took my camera off, gave it to another woman who had a bit of photography skills. So I sat down beside her and talked of my own fears and failures.

It all started when I was finishing grade 4, I was sitting in the principles office with my parents. I remember every feature of his face, right down to the moustache. My parent told him that they were learning the decision of either going into grade five next year or going into grade four again. I decided on going into grade 5. Worse case scenario, I go back a grade, but at least I would be with kids my age. The principle told my parents and I that I would never amount to much and that it was a bad decision.

I am still waiting for this to be a bad decision. Sadly, one part of it came true. Because I let it. I didn’t amount to much and on top of that I had no confidence. It took several decades. But I am happy to say I have persevered though this. You can too!

This is were my fears stemmed from. Sadly, our behviours and how we react to them can change on a dime. We have to remember we are in charge of our lives and what goes on in it.

Afterwards when I shared my story with the circle, I felt relieved and a sense of release, as well as united in this almost secret sisterhood with each of these women.

I left this event inspired. I got this. I can do it. It took about three weeks and my thoughts always came back to this retreat. It became clear that every woman needs this!

Why is this not a bigger thing?

I needed to create a business when I can empower and lift women up to become their authentic selves.

Then, I dug a little deeper and realized this was what I was waiting for, for the last 2 years. You see, I created a self-esteem and a self-care course 2 years ago and it just for some reason didn’t fit right with what I was doing at the time. This all fell into place. Right here, right now. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

What to bring?

I recommend bringing anything natural. For example, flowers, lemons, sand chocolate, coffee, dried fruit. Some women bring in their container from last time and mix it in with the bowl.

In this moment, I know this is what I am suppose to be doing!